Why Wilde Was A Gay !

How Ross became, his ‘Greek Love’s’ muse
Panache gave in, to ‘debauchery’s’ snare
Why passion, be a prisoner, to a man’s virtues
Deviance is nothing, but civilizations laid bare!

Why his ‘Picture of Dorian Gray’, epitome of ‘decadence’
How could an author, be profane
Beyond the rites, of social pretense
And, man’s love for man, an ingrained, human stain!

“The Love that, dare not, speak its name”
At trial, how had he, explained
“Could nobler be, any blasphemed shame
Than betwixt two men, Lord’s love, ordained!”

Not the least, it taints, a titan’s flair
Who stood up against, world’s wanton way
Still lives on, that bard, oh, so debonair!
Does it matter anyway, ‘Why Wilde Was A Gay’!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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