Mortal Price

vikas chandra

Thru puckered eyes, I read it all
The quandary, of my growing old
On time’s façade, my travesty’s toll
Was juvenescence, a lie, oversold!

How it all became, a yearning now
That play in clay, love’s obsession
How meanings change, like that virtuous vow
And life, like a defaced impression!

It all seems, theory of lost time
For I don’t believe, in destiny’s myth
Life ain’t a lie, but a truth sublime
And man, a time-scarred monolith!

Now I hear, the quietus, walking me
Not the squeals, I left for lullabies
Life begs, to clasp to, dying spree
Whilst time demands, its Mortal Price!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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