When Bibles Burn, Don’t The Qurans Cry !

Why smells of spite, this inferno
Which faith revels, this bonfire?
Why in farms of fear, fanatics grow
Yields of bad-blood, in quagmire!

Why crucifixes, tumble, to nadirs
And to zenith looms, man’s murky pride
Why vanquish life, death’s crusaders
For a faith’s conquest, a faith decried!

How funeral, of each testament
Does hail jihad, with a dark requiem
Hate’s orgy, faith’s last sacrament
Redeemer’s passion, who will redeem!

Won’t Muhammad tend, Good Shepherd’s sheep
And let His zealots crucify
That long-lost blood, now on the cheap!
When Bibles Burn, Don’t The Qurans Cry!
© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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