Sublime Sin Of Twilight

How daresay I, why evening’s creed
Is all what, heaven’s, pain imparts
Who sowed in skies, this lasting seed?
Of love, that yearns, in bleeding hearts!

When sun dies down, in sea’s solace
Whilst leaving trail, of day’s tired tales
How etched in a heart, so colossus
A sum of throbbing, souls’ travails!

A brew of spent hopes, and despair
Harbinger of night’s, sly orgies
Consummation of realms, laid out bare
Who daubed in gore, this masterpiece!

Whilst I feed on flesh, of the dying day
And sate on, sun’s blood, in goblet of night
Cold fire bathes my, soul astray
As I sink, in the Sublime Sin Of Twilight!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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