If God Had Another Name

Same sham swathed, in that baptized shroud
Which we humans weave, with servile belief?
Would his puny pride’s head, remain unbowed
Had God been, a different leitmotif!

Would he have found, his new master
To offer his fears, at almighty’s feet
In the slavery’s shrine, would some pastor?
Still make half-believer, a fanatic complete!

Would man search ‘God’, despite all odds?
That panacea, of his cherished flaws
And find his face, thru all façades!
To make mankind, yet again, a lost cause!

Why God ever-be, man’s noble sin
To put his strength, to splendid shame
Would fear not be, faith’s inborn kin
If God Had Another Name!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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