How Time Spends Me

Junctures of time, conjectures of life
All tell-tale trails, of a dwindling man
Where reasons are rare, enigmas are rife
Lingers past transience, a timeless clan!

Is senescence, my inherent sin?
And to measure life, in time’s rations
I die each day, for a hunger within
And age, and age…, like my spent passions!

A name, a creed…, is that only what I am
Or that glaring truth, behind these lies
How history, is nothing, but manmade sham
Faux face of time, which everybody buys!

From bud to dust, a life summarized
How time takes life, to its earnt debris
To the glory of death, my life baptized
How I spend time, How Time Spends Me!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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