Skull-capped Fear

Allahu Akbar…” is that, faith’s battle cry?
Or the bursting, of a zealot’s zeal?
Lost amidst deafening truth, a quiescent lie
“Could faith be the mother, of this immortal ordeal”!

Whose Allah is it anyway, who bathes in blood
Who hallows the world, with the bane of pain?
Whose naïveté is it anyway, Islam or Muhammad
Who bore and raised jihad, to the zeniths insane!

How proud is a believer, of his loathed legacy
How could faith be, a revelry, of martyrs’ malice
Why if you don’t like truth, it’s ‘sin and heresy’
How much blood, more to spill, to fill hate’s abyss!

How many Londons and Paris, should bleed for a faith
Why a mayhem’s prophecy be, “Allahu Akbar…”
Why peace should succumb, to holy horror’s wraith
Why faith should care, for this Skull-capped Fear!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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