Why Wholesale Sells Now Poetry !

How world has been, with so many quasi-Keats
Whose magnum opus, would never ever sell
In wiseacres’ horde, each ‘genius’ competes
With a tedious thought, panache’s new parallel!

Dare banal be, more banality
Aah! Abstract musings, all the rage!
The creed and breed, of ingenuity
Seem stuck in cage, of a long-lost age!

No more the scent, of daffodils
Kindle the quest, of life’s mystiques
Only a chase, for name, its frills
Is now that matters, barks and reeks!

Why past is sweet, hauntingly grand
And present, spent shadow, of its spree!
We shred lost epics, strand by strand
Why Wholesale Sells Now Poetry!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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