Orgasming Nights

A million wolves, hound thru the dark
Somnolent sighs, unsated souls
Who molt into, an avatar stark
To pay in kind, their hunger’s toll!

She lets it go, that virtue’s vow
Which lay dead thru, the day’s decay
He finds his passion, reborn now
Baptized in, manhood’s laissez-faire!

As squelch in sin, myriad twosomes
With broken nerves, on wrinkled beds
Night turns into, fables of phantoms
Orgying lust, till the last, of love’s shreds!

When the semen spills, hearts have their fills
Souls soar to moon; untethered kites!
How dearth of love, world’s lust fulfills
Till delusion delights, loom Orgasming Nights!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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