When Faith Frightens, Blood Listens

Had faith not been, fear’s paradigm
Would man still cede, to this fallacy
How sovereign, is this sin sublime
Would virtue transcend, its finality!

What a quandary, man is born to live
Be torn to two, amidst two realms
One bids his heart, to love and give
The other baits blood, with its stratagems!

The best of ways to vindicate, manly mayhem
Jihads, crusades, saintly charades, are all but same
The blood, which flowed from, Vatican to Jerusalem
Still spills, to keep up war, to stake conviction’s claim!

Was man never meant, to live and die, unchained?
But be, a yearning martyr, to faith’s pretense
Why he prides to, have his soul, bloodstained
Till the last drop drains, When Faith Frightens, Blood Listens!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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