When You Gave A Name To Me

Mbegu Nyeusi, is that all, left for me, in Swahili!
Why not, Furaha (joy), Kubwa (great), Ushindi (victory)?
Why! To be retold, the color of my creed?
You christened me Mama, a petty ‘Black Seed’!

Where stands, black pride, against, white prejudice
Oh a thousand years, of that ethnic affair
This name deepens, civilization’s abyss
Dug up over ages, by servitude and fear!”

“Son! Yes, there’s pride, to be, from a hallowed land
Which cradled mankind, sharpened its instinct
To conquer its limits, and hatch histories, grand
There’s more to your color, which makes you distinct!

Don’t chase shade’s charade, be proud to be, as black
As a caring cloud could be”
“So you saw a fair soul’s spree, not the myths of zodiac
When You Gave A Name To Me!”

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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