I Hear That Silence Everyday

Amidst spent words, are left with me
Gaping chasms, of emptiness
Still echoes linger, of unspent spree
Which dares, my heart, in mind’s duress!

Forsaken all, in the quest of a soul
Which talks thru, the signs of enigma
A few words’ man, but, pays his toll
With poise, not noise, of his chutzpa!

How sublime, is that wilderness
Which I carry, in my soul’s sanctum
For those who value, words’ largess
Can’t hear truth, beyond, life’s humdrum!

From the morning pleas, till night’s lullabies
From tombs of Gods, where the dumb pray
They hear, they hear, but, shallow lies
Not The Silence I Hear Everyday!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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