The Life I Learnt

Those flaws we awe, and treasure most
Are the ones gotten, from exemplars!
When prudence comes, at reason’s cost
Nothingness is all, a life incurs!

Cradle to crypt, same lasting quest
Why forbear soul, for a mind servile
In the tug of war, stuck, a heart abreast
With the rites of life, their Godly guile!

These bonds, liaisons, which make me urbane
Ain’t they lies galore, which wrench away
That man called ‘me’, from my cherished vein
How I die, to be, a kite…, stray!

Who taught me to hold, fickle finger of fate
Which led me to, the quandaries I earnt
Who am I, beyond, my destiny’s bait?
Born to stagnate, with The Life I Learnt!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra


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