When It Seems All Over …

Between supine moon, saturnine sun
A soul strays on, in serpentine streets
When end looms closer, and life seems done
Hold on, in your heart, those few brazen beats!

It ain’t one’s choice, to be born for defeat
Nor conquest one’s keep, who won’t cuckold
Do smell the dust, in your bout of dead heat
It smells of same hope, you once extolled!

What’s hope to despair, and truth to lie?
A timeless mystique, to fathom and resolve
There’s more to life, than meets the eye
Pain breaks, then builds, a man to evolve!

No end is eternal, no beginning, ever so last
Reaps the grapes of wrath, its each worthy sower
Each day is anew, each moment die cast
Be a game, till the last, When It Seems All Over …

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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