A White Man’s Creed

vikas chandra

“I see sundry crows, hung out to dry
How a swan wonders, what’s it to be!
Why black truth loves, to buy a white lie
I laugh away, this monochrome, sycophancy!”

Lost in bygones, valor of white lust
When black blood, was, white man’s burden
How white empires, razed, down to dust
Is the tale of truth, of a prodigal son!

No mystique, behind this prized white skin
Same man who hides, from a jaundiced world
Where began, where ends, this lasting sin
Man’s the only animal, with this fetish, absurd!

“Still, I’m the awe, of a black man’s eyes
It seems, inbred is, self-deprecation’s seed
Those who love cowardice, in modesty’s guise
Devise and despise, A White Man’s Creed!”

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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