Beyond A Lad’s Lust

Half a man, as yet, not a boy bygone
How I know, now, how to tell apart
A girl, from a woman’s, phenomenon
Why I rear, a sin, in a hungering heart!

How she smells of peaches, thawed in rum
Her whiff, loiters on, with her mystic smile
Shall I call it love, or my heart’s conundrum?
What else is, my yearning for, her flirting guile!

What’s there, but dreams, to consummate?
Of fancies, I steal, from her windowsill
Is a passing liaison, worth a world, I create
For a lovelorn heart, to have its fill!

Was it ever meant to last, how could it be
What’s the age, of a sinful rhapsody?
What all’s at stake, in a passion’s outburst?
Love’s lasting keepsake, Beyond A Lad’s Lust!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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