The Autumn Wind

From the last equinox, till the winter solstice
She rustles past, the rekindling wilderness
Shedding burden of death, with rebirth’s bliss
Could solacing be more, life’s lasting caress!

Thru the cherry blossoms, and maple leaves
Blushes galore, drenched in summer’s blood
She strews on, scents, that the fiesta weaves
Hailing birth from rot, of that dormant bud!

Could different, be the spirit, of melancholia
Which Yeats’ “Wild Swans”, Keats’ “To Autumn”, bares
Is fall, soul’s pain, passion’s panacea?
She sums up heart’s, unspent despairs!

She flirts with kites, to the heavens’ brim
And soothes the soul, of a season sinned
Brings to life, wanderlust, this stray pilgrim
Everlasting hymn, sings The Autumn Wind!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra


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