May The Breasts Bloom On …!

Still a splendor’s you, with a heart profound!
Sans the orbs of love, and lust galore
How that flesh on you, of ten and half pound
Makes you less or more, womankind’s metaphor!

How brazen’s your beauty, with a breastless chest!
Had it not been for tumor, would we ever know?
It’s not what we see, is a woman manifest
But that treasured truth, which lies below!

Still fond in recalls, that sweet brown teat
Which suckled me thru, lasting lullabies
Where swayed, the pride, of my lass petite
Now a grave I see, of two mortal lies!

When it seems all’s over, it’s the myth that’s gone
In the farms of faith, May The Breasts Bloom On …!
Not the least is lost, of Angelina’s appeal
For beyond a woman’s breasts, is A Heart Of Steel!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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