Sacred Verses Of Sin

Not the least of, last love letters
Though a deed of, no love lost
When her man, cut all her fetters
She’s a flightless bird, almost!

Aah! His faith made it, so handy
With three words, to wreck it all
How come, it’s so fine and dandy?
For Sharia, is a men’s protocol!

Three moments hence, a castaway
Faith’s caricature, Anyone’s woman, suckling a waif!
Had she been deaf, would her man, still say?
“With ‘talaq’ my birthright, dare you ever be safe”!

When mullahs shout down, appeals of Azan
And a clan makes faith, machismo’s trade-in
Why women be, robbed of, the truth of Quran
And left to give in, to Sacred Verses Of Sin!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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