Give Night A Name

Where ends, the chase of, twilight’s ennui
A night, looms out, of the grave of sun
How’s a faceless day, closed book to me
And a nameless night, my soul undone!

It’s not that, misread emptiness
Which slithers, in mind, like a drunken snake
But dark’s dogma, its willfulness
We cherish in heart, fear’s lasting keepsake!

How’s ‘Phantom’, for the name, of irony
Which kindles heart, with sins’ instincts
Or ‘Hope’, a myth, o’er time’s debris
Or ‘Womb of mankind’s, dreaded precincts’

Or night’s embodied, in the splendor, of a whore
Whose love, damn shame! Yet, not a sham game!
Whilst, day plays to death, life’s quests galore
Put day to shame, Give Night A Name!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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