Black Flag of Faith

Dogma is divine, when painted in blood
When all’s that’s left, is man, and his creed
From passion of Christ, to tenet of Muhammad
Whose flag flutters high, from a diktat’s seed!

A sacred shred, with a spent shibboleth
Why’s blemished in black, a faith’s façade
Why stands tall today, on the tomb of death
Dark truth of machismo, True lie of jihad!

In the farms of fear, sway, harvests of hate
Whose buntings, so black, revel, life’s defeat
Fanatics of faith, who love to dedicate
Monuments of pain, at Allah’s feet!

How’d ‘black’ cherish, the rainbow, of love
But be emblem, of a ruthless wraith
Who holds his, bestial zeal above
A soul amiss, Black Flag of Faith!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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