In Death’s Foreplay

Don’t flirt with her, they’d say, always
Not the worst cohort, nor the best of mates!
Though enchantress, with a sweet malaise
Which destiny’s lie, fate’s truth, awaits!

Where ends my life, all its mortal affairs
Immortal quest, for that lust begins
In my moribund eyes, she coyly bares
The myriad shades, of my obliged sins!

“What it means to, now spark, flame of lust
Would you make love to, life’s castaway!”
“When your self, is lost, in the truth, of dust
You’d know, you lived lies, all the way!”

Why lingers then, she, by my bedstead
Making me yearn, for that, dead giveaway
On my smoldering soul, she bakes her bread
How heartless, is this Death’s Foreplay!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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