Beyond The Prison Of Words

vikas chandra

Yet another tryst, with enigma of thoughts
Which slip like sand, from the clasp of mind
How a man is spent, whilst, tying in knots
Those verses of life, in mystique, enshrined!

Beyond the grasp of time, histories’ intrigues
Are those yarns untold, though ever-heard!
Yonder, ken of, prosers’ and poets’ leagues
Are the toils of soul, which heart incurred!

Why wisdom, needs to be, a sublime sin
Which blinds us, to the, soul’s insights
Why we chose, to be, hollow tombs, wherein
Echo psalms, of stagnant, social rites!

Can’t chain in lingos, cage in books
Stray kites of thoughts, flair’s libertine birds
Where cease to see, human outlooks
Lies the sublime world, Beyond The Prison of Words!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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