Juggernaut Of Shame

Could more be profound, that mortal sin
Which lasts to redeem, its substance, in bliss
Had it not been beyond, a trifling skin
Would it still be worth, most cherished malice!

The more it’s veiled, the more it’s revealed
Call it longing’s law, or passion’s flaw
We call it sin, when women wield
Or esteemed shame, but is it worth the awe!

How histories bemoan, the ruins of Troys
O’er Paris’ lust, for Spartans’ pride
Love treasures, the sum of fears and joys
When shame takes, the time, in its stride!

Still it stares thru souls, and dares dying mores
Lord’s newfound love, Satan’s old flame
Squirming modesty’s metaphors, behind closed doors
Transcends passion’s fears, Juggernaut Of Shame!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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