The War of Anonymity

Ain’t faith, a lie, if, it fosters war
And war, a truth, if, written in gore?
Why is malice, machismo’s metaphor?
And God, the flag, of his passions galore!

They say, infidels, ain’t worth their lives
For they don’t swear by, their holy Quran
In the farm of fear, how outrage thrives
On the blood, of ‘astray’, ‘faithless’ clan!

Whose crusades, why, they linger on
Give wounds a chance, to heal, won’t you?
Why man be, faith’s, unwary pawn?
In the games of blood, God plays up to!

How long will men, baptize Jihad
With the lust for blood, insanity
Why manliness, in faith’s façade
Wages, War Of Anonymity!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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