Who Needs Another Christ !

The ‘Son of Bethlehem’, the ‘Sin of Jerusalem
His ode to passion, a belief, bathed in pain
Why a ‘Messiah’, had to bear, a human mayhem?
Why the making, of new faith, is a path profane!

Still his blood tastes sweet, to the human race
Which spilled on streets, from his cherished crucifix
Which faith, which passion, did we, lastly embrace
At the mercy of fanatics, pity of cynics!

Are we worth, the ‘Good Shepherd’, his bath in blood?
For the sheep, now wolves, dread to, face up to
What we made of him, Moses and Muhammad
A relic, nothing more, we love to thumb through!

Where lost that ‘Redeemer’, we deemed, did redeem
Our sins, of two millennia, faith’s everlasting heist
In the fiefdom of man, his delusions’ regime
Who needs another faith, Who Needs Another Christ!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra


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