That FEAR Called ‘god’

I hear the wails of Satan, tell
“Where is, thy redeemer, if not here?
In your shrines, of faith, why deceptions dwell
Your hollow hopes, and cherished fear!”

Baptized in womb, with immortal lie
We carry thru life, to grave, and beyond
With that trembling ‘truth’, we live and die
Which seeds in our souls, fear’s blessed bond!

Good luck is Him, bad luck our fate
How could evil be, His righteousness
When psalms of piety, strew mind’s blank slate
Fear is, our only bread, His holy largess!

Forsake himself, to own a myth
Why man, chose to be, a believer awed
On his relics, stands tall, his making’s megalith
His soul’s façade, That FEAR called ‘god’!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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