Shh…My Soldier Sleeps, In Meadows Blue

Why war’s a vow, and love’s enigma
For a lovelorn man, smitten with war
In distant land, lies strewn, chutzpa
In hues of blue, of my lost paramour!

Forget-me-nots, many millions of them
Bloom on blood of war, and lust for death
Why men leave love, for a spent mayhem
Forget love’s rites, for manhood’s shibboleth!

When he wrote me last, “War’s faith, love’s sin!”
I retorted, “What’s a man’s honor, sans fidelity”
“Fear is heart of my love, a cherished war within…”
And he fell in the meadows, as silent as the sea!

How could he die, in my unquenched heart?
But for, love for war, till his hushed adieu…!
We were never, nor ever, be worlds apart
Shh…My Soldier Sleeps, In Meadows Blue!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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