Had I Been…A Lie…

Wary glares, dissect me, to smithereens
Make sure, I ain’t, that, social enigma
Whose substance is, beyond their means
And instills fear, in shallow minds, his chutzpa!

“Why don’t you, swear by, schooled decrees
How truth could be, a man’s brainchild?”
“I see thru the shades, of your holy fancies –
‘Freethinker, is, like, Satan Smiled’”!

Had I been a lie, like one of many ‘yous
Life had been, a hackneyed symphony
A reckless soul, ever-aching to, cut loose
From the fetters of, sacred slavery!

Had spat at truth, with all my ruth
The mirror, that stares me, eye to eye
Would have strutted, content, with a mob uncouth
Ditching dream, unspent, Had I Been…A Lie…!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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