If I Live To That Day…

Have carried flesh, on a squandered soul
Thru throngs of spite, streets of decay
The lust for life, did, take its toll?
Shall my dreams, stand out, on feet of clay
If I Live To That Day…

How different, could be, I from them
For few got names, those men astray
Who dare triviality, with mayhem!
My face too, shall have name, someday!
If I Live To That Day…

Whose cuffs, I flaunt, on rickety wrists
My faith made me, a spent castaway?
Yet, not done, with life’s, worldly trysts
How I long, to belong, to a caravan, stray
If I Live To That Day…

That day, when rainbows, need no rain
And death, no more than, a child’s play
When faith ain’t fear, nonbelief not profane
Every nerve built of steel, for the devil to pay
If I Live To That Day…

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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