Life Happens When…

vikas chandra

Life Happens When…
On the face of fear, you sow a smile
When you want to die, every once in a while
When you feel forlorn, unloved, uncared
Yet you sing, on your own, a song repaired

Life Happens When…
You grab your stake, from a dogged clique
When it yearns, to make you, beg and squeak
When you dare, false faith, of society
Bare the soul of truth, beyond façades of piety

Life Happens When…
You make a fine art, of ‘forget and forgive’
When you thirst to burn on, you choose to live
When a million shots, miss, afar, bull’s eye
Yet you trust, in your heart that, ‘pigs might fly’

Life Happens When…
Death seems to be, a skimpy scarecrow
When you smirk at her, she shivers, as though
When you kiss ‘goodbye’, after, an ‘amen’
Your fond recalls, blossom, time and again

Life Happens When…

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