Faith, The Sacred Sin

When man made God, his fear’s namesake
And his being and realm, His will and whim
Then learnt, to cede, to his pasts’ keepsake
His hopes and dreams; an obliged pilgrim!

To yoke his clan, with the same, sacred fear
And forsake their freedom, to its illusive reign
Rituals were concocted, amidst a pious prayer
The bread of his hunger, the blood of his pain!

As though, not yet done, man, with his total servitude
He reared his passion, love and hate, with ruthless conviction
How he chose, his inbred fear, to rein in, his fortitude
Swayed by a prophet’s revelation, or some Christ’s crucifixion!

So was it all, a Satan’s ploy, or a man-made lie?
Bequeathed upheaval, or a war within
There’s more to Faith, than meets the eye
Beyond fear’s decoy, A Sacred Sin!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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