A Rape In The Moon Night

If an unkept word, is all what you are
And love’s travesty! What you made of me!
Let me make you, count my woes, scar by scar
Let the moon too view, how I spend my ‘tootsie’!

As the mad moon stokes, wild wolves on hunt
And that brute in me, obliged to sin
It’s now for you, to bear the brunt
Pay the price, of a man’s pride, and chagrin!

How it feels to be, the flesh in my claws
Aah! Your moans, and groans, and squeals, galore
Orgasming whore, or a lass, at a loss!
Ain’t your ravished splendor, my machismo’s metaphor!

Two vanquished souls, lay spent, in the moment’s spur
In the lap of moon, bathes sin, in the blood of twilight
Dissolve in penance, your mist, my fire
A passion, and a poise, lay bare, in black and white!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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