Could Life, Be More Abstract!

Had cypher not been, my epic germ
And time, not keeper of, my being
Would I not be, the same time-worm?
Whose past, dead dust, future, not worth seeing!

Had human not been, my DNA
Would life have been, an animalistic affair
Neither God for me, nor society, nor kowtowed hearsay
Those equations, of man’s faith, fallacy and fear

Would soul of thought, be poetry, or a prolonged prose
Endless, needless, mind-numbing tales of human chase
What aging history indoctrinates, inept faith bestows
The cost of being chromosome, of the human race

Being fodder to perceptions, of the ‘privileged’ kind
Man, mishap, or some, Godforsaken artifact!
Why it had to be, a travesty, a truth maligned
A stark existential fact, Could Life, Be More Abstract!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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