A Feminist’s Creed

“Remind them now, remind them then
A ‘woman’ you are, not to woo the men!
So burn your bras, brandish your breasts
Don’t lament, your monthly, bleeding fests!

You too need sex, did you never ever know
Demand your due, than plead for pittance
You were downtrodden, many moons ago
Now you shape the world, woman of substance!”

Bah! So much outrage, o’er a species of a kind!
Wo-man, not a hu-man, who loves to be so-called
When ‘Crusaders of Womanhood’, not that hard to find
Make them, love their being, absolutely walled!

How many mobs, would it take, to resurrect a myth?
That woman’s a mystifying race, a métier decreed
Let woman be a human, not a typecast megalith!
A persona, of her making, not A Feminist’s Creed!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra


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