A Rape Reconciled !

“Letters to my rapist! How I fail to believe?
Ain’t it shame and ache, of nine years’ worth?
Why I trade pities with, whose sin, I heave?
Who made me a relic, of my long-lost mirth!

Why all guilt be mine, and enragement too?
Whilst he cherry-picks, his delusions on rape
To ravish, is macho, be ravished, a taboo
This man-made social maze, not easy to escape!

And 16 years hence, to brazen out this man, yet dread that boy
Alas! Resurrect that girl, from this woman’s eternal pain
Relive that night, that love, that farce – our destinies’ ploy
His trivialized SEX, my RAPE profound, and womanhood profane!

So I did meet my monster, haunting hate, pain and fear
It’s hard to see that human, but it’s still, somewhere there
I dared and resolved, a sickening truth, long-reviled
And redeemed my heart, my soul, had my Rape Reconciled!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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