Love Bites, You Left

vikas chandra

Like missives on a heart, hung out to dry
You etched them all, with kisses and a lie
Shall serpent sting, so sweet as love
How hunger spends, a smitten dove!

New ones, bloodshot, joys’ pain, on rage
Stale ones, blue face, of delusion, crestfallen
Yellow is, lasting tinge, of a spent outrage
Cherished still, all shades, of a sin begotten!

Bloody tattoos of ‘love’, from nape to breasts
Or a sadist’s verse, in Satan’s style!
O’er barren spread, strewn craving’s conquests
In motley inks, love’s plastic smile!

Not all, named ‘love’, will last forever
Be it, obsessed hearts, or passions bereft
But who cares for love, in lust’s endeavor
When all, one counts…Love Bites, You Left!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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