Don’t Cheat Your Pain

Better sip it in, than spit it out
That drip of blood, or sting of ache
Your sigh outspeaks, your every shout
For pain is soul’s, not heart’s keepsake!

Better make it a song, the truest one
Than a pang of guilt, a cherished lie
Pain sows the seed, of a lasting liaison
Of hope and despair, in a life, pain-shy!

Cradle it in your heart, like a dream, not a stray
May it smolder on, fuel the riot, of your soul
Pain’s creed’s to carouse, a misery everyday
Solace is for those, who live death, on the dole!

Disown it how, when you never did own
A prejudiced hate, a love profane
Kindle spark of truth, at every milestone
Betray bliss, if you should, Don’t Cheat Your Pain!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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