A Voyeur’s Vagaries

Could sweet be sin, and yet not felt
Like a dream pilfered, from someone’s eyes
In the trysts of lust, and starkness, dwelt
A veiled paramour, cupid in disguise!

When just fancies are, what it takes
To live thru, a surrogate love-making
Of the umpteen gleaned, cherished, keepsakes
There’s nothing, but shame, worth forsaking!

Be a vulture, prey on leavings of love
Is it passion, or debauched obsession!
When mind and heart, work hand in glove
With evil eyes, for a hunger’s redemption!

From foreplay’s frenzy, to the death of orgasm
And the treats, titbits, this sweet crime carries
Ain’t they worth, the cost, of a fleeting phantasm?
That illusive chase, to a Voyeur’s Vagaries!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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