Each Night, A Poesy

Let bathe in fury, the soul of twilight
To brace for the blitzkrieg, verses spell
Beyond world’s deeds, in black and white
Lies the vivid realm of, thoughts’ carousal!

In the dark, strewn secrets, most arcane
Cherry-picked by night, muses of mystique
With an ounce of bliss, and piles of pain
Penned in sublime sin, heart’s holy streak!

When moon sows seeds, in placid farms
Of oomph, love, lust, for mortal lives, in despair
Reaps night, her yields, of cherished psalms
In this tryst of souls – life’s immortal love affair!

For ages to come, each night will last
To tell the tales of, many a spent spree
Will forever sing todays, requiems of past
Each day a yearnings’ fling, Each Night, A Poesy!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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