Why The Bad Am I !

If Satan be, the soul of sin, the seed of fear
Why different, be its paradigm – myself, me, and I!
Why evil be, cherished instinct, and virtue, hard to bear
Whose cost is truth, why should I buy, when on-the-house is lie!

I don’t need faith, nor conviction, they ain’t for me
Whilst flirting, the meanest means, to my ‘earnest’ ends
I call them names, who keep my dreams, under lock and key
“Believe me you, malice too earns, decent dividends!”

Gift of ethos, or immortal germ, my callous creed
Dare I look beyond a self, thru inbred myopic eyes!
Those schooled ethics, in books, lay, dead and buried
I’m smart to gamble, win, life’s game, with a pack of lies!

Yes, good’s good, and bad’s bad, and never the twain shall meet
But wisdom’s the art of vanity, to hell with good goddamn!
If sweeter be, the zest of sin, than dignity’s ‘deceit’
When Bad’s the lawful Good, Why The Bad Am I!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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