Blue Blood Of The Sea

The molten soul, of the earth, cradles
The birth of days, and the death of nights
Thru a sinuous sea, how the sun shovels
The dawn’s secrets, sowed in twilights!

Tossing tides galore, a million urchins, in her arms
A mother forlorn, plays with solitude
How sublime are, those azure farms
Which breed the seeds, of fortitude!

Where seagulls rest, their weary wings
And bards delve down, to unravel
The unfathomed solo, a lost whale sings
In poignant heart, an unbroken spell!

Enigmas galore, of this unquenched chalice
Many a timeless tale, on time’s debris
The unspent mirth, of a spent abyss
Oozing riots of spree, Blue Blood Of The Sea!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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