In The Farms Of Hate

Raise cubs of faith, and feed them blood
That sweetest milk, of reprisals
In the land of Quran, and Muhammad
Why sown are seeds, of fear, in cradles!

Petite fingers, on triggers, see the travesty
Of naïve hearts, obliged to endless Jihads
Could more be ruthless, insanity?
Which makes monsters, of unsuckled lads!

Chop heads, or better be, ticking time bombs
How you hug deaths, for your pious prides
Be a man at least, before playing pogroms
Learn life, why hurry, to wed, 72 brides!

When faith supplants, toys of innocence
And writes in blood, Jihad, on their slate
When machismo, sells fear, at life’s expense
Bloom weeds of doom, In The Farms Of Hate!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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