Shame Sellers

In clothes, we hide, whilst, they hide nowhere
Ain’t beasts, we all, of the same instincts?
Which lay our minds, and souls threadbare
Beyond ‘civility’s’, ‘modesty’s’, feared precincts!

They sell, for we buy, ain’t all we, the same league
Aah! A pound of flesh, for a Pound, so cheap!
Is sex the secret soul of, mankind’s intrigue?
And shame ripens every day, in the farms of ‘love’, we reap!

Rendezvous they seem, of the starkest sorts
Yet beyond our bodies, beds and fancies galore
How the business of sex, reinvents and distorts
That passion of two souls, by a hunger hardcore!

So long as the famines last, of our ravenous souls
And we slam ‘sin-parades’, with the choicest slurs
If shame’s a vain virtue, the least of our tenets’ tolls
Ain’t all we, the same Shame Sellers!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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