…Coz Bulls Don’t Vote

If Pongal, be a fiesta of faith, not blood
Then why’s machismo’s venom, pushed down their throat
Who forsake their horns and honor, in mud
So flout all laws, make them dud …Coz Bulls Don’t Vote!

Find beauty in pain, sadists of all times
Who’s dumb, to the core, what blood-baths connote?
Why faith be, the root of, all holy crimes?
Men’s cherry-picked paradigms …Coz Bulls Don’t Vote!

The more it spills, the more fury it begets
That thing called ‘blood’, men’s many dote
Why on beasts’ last breaths, we place our bets
Our surplus assets! …Coz Bulls Don’t Vote!

Jallikattu won’t die, so the bulls have to
For ages become, brazen beliefs’ scapegoat
To pander to blood-lust, of our vain virtue
Bash them, black and blue …Coz Bulls Don’t Vote!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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