An Evening Of Remembrance

Behold sun bleed, the azure to twilight
As my heart redeems, many a bygone
Which bud, like blooms or barbs, contrite
A tribute to my yearnings, written in stone!

An ode to past time, is the psalm most sublime
For uncalled-for ain’t, lost labors of soul
A bounty of qualms, and pittance of prime
A pain farmed by heart, does take its toll!

Sinking sun lays bare, my fears of yore
My dwindling truths, in a flock of lies
Roost in my heart, my fowls galore
In the blood of sun, my sins baptize!

Never ends this lingering fiesta, of cherished pain
Nor the lasting lure, of this fleeting trance
What’s so profound, yet so profane?
Than An Evening Of Remembrance!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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