Dare You Have It All…!

Dare you cherry-pick, my bits and bobs
I ain’t your, wish-list’s specimen
You ain’t the last, of manly snobs
My mystique’s woes, beyond whose ken

Come! Have my smirk, which stares thru you
O’er dolled-up façade, see the night undressed
Your manhood’s pride, in my blasé taboo
Thaws sham virtue, in debauchery blessed!

“What’s a woman, without two debonair breasts!”
Come! Suckle sunk bliss, in the sin’s orgy
Won’t you care to adore, my love-bitten assets?
Hanging from my heart, relics of spent spree!

Come! Stab thru my shrine of nirvana, your lust
In the Coup de grâce, of your heart, on my soul
Won’t your vanity fear, to bite my dust!
Whilst my trial lay bare, Dare You Have It All…!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra


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