Communism – A Revolution Squandered

Blood pays the price, of history’s quest
Marx knew it all, so well, why then
He left for the world, a vain bequest
Of a myriad lies, and martyred men!

Why Lenin kept alive, that satanic dream
‘Socialism’ was it, or social sedition!
By a coterie, bartering blood, to redeem
An ever-dreaded, Soviet conviction!

Stalin was indeed, Communism’s chosen weed
Who took to zenith, hate’s agenda!
Poor’s bread left out, in doctrine bloodied
With a jingoistic propaganda!

Mao and Castro were parasites, who deified, a borrowed malice
Which fortifies, state’s corrupt clan, leaves poor plundered
Now moribund, that outrageous, blood-blotted premise
A faith amiss, A Revolution Squandered!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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