Smitten Men

…And we make love, by the broken pane
Let a life, be left, to reconcile
“Why we stray” they say! Let be love, profane
Whose love futile, whose sin fertile!

In lasting shambles, our shamed love nest
Where two hearts, ensnare, to dare and bare
Doctrines of love, lost to, sin’s slugfest
Ain’t that realm a sham, which fêtes love’s fear!

We walk, thru lanes, with hand-in-hand
Count awed façades, on cold shoulders
Why we sow a sin, in hearts’ quicksand
Reap yields of fear, bred on lavish slurs!

Why love has to be, orthodoxy decreed
And hate, reward, of the love-stricken
Who cares, if love be a, passion pitied
And sin, doomed creed, of the Smitten Men!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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