When Jihads Are Born

By-hearted psalms, in the schools of creed
Resound like azans, in a frenzied head
Where Quran, is the law of Lord decreed
And Jihad that tenet, handily misread!

First light to twilight, same chase of doctrines
Crouched on cold floors, diktats on their laps
What they learn at last, with wearied spines
To fulfill with Jihad, their intellect’s gaps!

It’s the Holy War within, or with, so called ‘infidels’
“The latter makes more sense, for bloodbath’s more divine”
What truth always buys, and lie always sells
Is the fancy of fear, faith loves to enshrine!

Thus furies spillover, from Madrasas’ ramparts
Mujahids become one, with a vengeance ever-sworn
A faith loses out, to madness of men’s hearts
And mankind’s left to mourn, When Jihads Are Born!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra


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